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Remember when a new generation of products for the bioprocess industry evolved. You probably don’t miss those days when you had to rely on traditional shake flasks for early process development.

Our ambr® technology has already revolutionized early clone screening and process development by increasing your Speed to Clinic and making upstream Quality by Design a reality.



Become part of the revolution

Are you ready to experience the next step in the ambr® revolution? In early 2018, we will launch game-changing innovations for the bioprocess industry. The ambirization of perfusion and microcarrier cultures.

But not only that, because we will also start writing a completely new chapter in the history of ambr® systems.

Imagine if you could test the Downstream manufacturability of your molecule at the very earliest stages in your product’s development.

Make sure you invest in the future and don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to get to know our brand new ambr® solutions. Fill in the form and register your interest now to gain access to exclusive product information. Premium video content and first reviews by industry professionals await you.


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