HPLC Sample Preparation with the Claristep® Filtration System

Less time

Filter 8 samples simultaneously – without needing any power supply or a vacuum | pressure source.

Less stress

Simply place the filters on your vials, gently close the station and press on the station lid to filter – that’s it!

Less Binding

Filter your samples with neither detectable adsorption nor releasing compounds from the filter unit.


Regenerated Cellulose Membrane Filtration - The Easy Choice


The Claristep® Filtration System is easy to use and facilitates a rapid sample preparation. The Claristep® Filter housing is composed of polypropylene with a regenerated cellulose membrane. To investigate the interaction of these components with samples we have tested filtration of organic contaminants in one experiment and therapeutic proteins in another setup.

The results indicate that the added phthalates were neither retained nor any released from the Claristep® Filters as an extractable compound and that protein losses were negligible. For more information please refer to our Application Notes below.


Catalog description of Claristep®


Ergonomic and Efficient Filtration for Food Analytics

Application Note



Impact of the Claristep® Filtration System on Recovery and Adsorption of Various Therapeutic Proteins at Low Sample Volumes

Application Note

Claristep® Filtration Assembly – A Novel Sample Preparation Method suitable for the Analytics of Phthalates in Solid Environmental Samples

Application Note

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