HPLC Sample Preparation with the Claristep® Filtration System

Less time

Filter 8 samples simultaneously – without needing any power supply or a vacuum | pressure source.

Less stress

Simply place the filters on your vials, gently close the station and press on the station lid to filter – that’s it!

Less waste

Filter up to 600 μL sample volumes without the use of syringes 


The Easy Choice – Syringeless and Fast


Simplify the tedious and time-consuming task of daily sample preparation. Reduce time and effort by using the syringeless Claristep® filtration system. Its patent-pending design enables you to clarify 8 samples fast and simultaneously.

Just press the station lid once to filter instead of having to repeat this procedure 8 times with disposable syringes.


Catalog description of Claristep®

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