Avoid Sample Transfer and Loss with Cubis® High-Capacity Micro Balances:

Weigh Minimum Amounts of Sample Directly into Heavy Flasks

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Introducing the
highest resolution in
the world!
61 g capacity with
1 µg readability!

Avoid Sample Transfer and Loss with Cubis® High-Capacity Micro Balances:

Weigh Minimum Amounts of Sample Directly into Heavy Flasks

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Are you still weighing your expensive samples in small sample containers, weigh boats, or paper before transferring them to a large flask or other container?

With Cubis® High-capacity Micro Balances, you can add your small samples directly to large containers of up to 250 mL and avoid sample losses and errors in your experiments.

Weighing samples using weigh paper or boats before transferring to a flask, beaker, or bottle can be tedious and may result in sample loss because of:

  • incomplete transfer of your entire sample
  • introduction of contaminants

Now, however, you can weigh minimum amounts directly into larger long-necked flasks, beakers, or HPLC bottles to reduce errors and save time.


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Advanced weighing technology with the user in mind

No matter the weighing module you choose, the Cubis® High-capacity Micro Balance is

High-performing, with a readability of

  • 1 µg up to max. capacity of  31 g  for the 36 models
  • 1 µg up to max. capacity of 61 g for the 66 models
  • 2 µg up to max. capacity of 111 g for the 116 model

Reliable, with a repeatability of

  • ≤ ± 2 µg for the 36 models
  • ≤ ± 4 µg for the 66 models
  • ≤ ± 4 µg for the 116 model

Precise, with linearity of

  • ≤ ±15 µg for the 36 models
  • ≤ ±20 µg for the 66 models
  • ≤ ±20 µg for the 116 model

Fast, with stabilization time of 3.5 seconds across the line

Safe and ergonomic, with a flexible sample holder that allows

  • Optimal dispensing of even the smallest quantities
  • Avoidance of sample loss by adjusting angle and position of the sample holder
  • Saving the cost of purchasing weigh boats and paper—and the expense of subsequent disposal

Compliant, with

  • USP minimum sample weight of only 0.82 mg or 1.64 mg
  • User management and audit trail to meet requirements from 21 CFR Part 11 (among other standards)

The Cubis® High-capacity Micro Balance specifications by weighing module.**

Weighing Module36S36P66S66P116P
Maximum Capacity (g)
(fine range| capacity)
Readability (µg)
(fine range| capacity)
Minimum weight*** (USP 41, 0.1%) (mg)0.820.820.820.821.64
Repeatability (≤ ± µg)
(fine range| capacity)
Linearity (≤ ± µg)1515202020
Typical response time (s)1010101010
Typical stabilization time (s)


Application Example: Preparing Reference Standards

The new benchmark for the preparation of verified standards or buffers is the Cubis® MSA Dosing System.

The Cubis® MSA Dosing System, with integrated YAPP16  Q-App dosing software, added to the Cubis® MSA balances simplifies your workflows in the preparation of analytical standards.

The preparation of known concentration standards is routine in analytical laboratories; however, two problems may occur:

  1. Dosing the exact target weight of a compound is very difficult, if not impossible, especially with the use of high-resolution laboratory balances with an accuracy of several decimal places.
  2. Therefore, the volume of solvent must be adjusted to reach the desired final concentration based on the actual weight of the measured compound. Recalculation of the required volume of solvent takes time and is a possible source of error and contamination.

Complete your Cubis® micro balance with a dispensing system and software and let your Q-App software take care of calculations along with documented preparation of reference standards or buffers. The Cubis® MSA Dosing System and YAPP16 Dosing Q-App enable an easy preparation of reference standards or buffers providing full data integrity. The software guides you through all process steps, makes all necessary calculations and it controls system components. With the Cubis® MSA Dosing System you can rely on a controlled workflow and 100% consistency. You can read a detailed article about that here.

Request a demo to see for yourself how our Cubis® MSA Dosing System will improve your precision and efficiency!

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** see brochure for full technical specifications
*** According to USP Chapter 41, the operating range of a balance is defined as starting point from 820 d and extending to maximum weighing capacity. The optimal minimum weight is 820 d and, depending on the installation location and environmental conditions, may be higher.