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Up to 40% of lab professionals suffer from injuries related to pipette use. Your hand knows that. Reduce your risk of injury by using Sartorius pipettes designed for natural hand movement and professional workflow.

For the ultimate user experience, order your personal pipette for a free trial period to discover on your own what the ideal combination of ergonomics, absolute reliability and a well-balanced design will do for you. Give your hand the support it needs!


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Tacta® mechanical pipette

We proudly present Tacta®, Sartorius’ premium pipette. Perfectly balanced in all its features, it provides a unique user experience in pipetting. Watch the animated pipette below to find out more.

Picus® electronic pipette

We proudly present Picus®, Sartorius’ most sophisticated and ergonomic pipette ever. Lightweight and intuitive to use, it is designed to revolutionize pipetting for effortless and accurate performance. Watch the animated pipette below to find out more.

  • Low plunger force

    Low pipetting force will ease your workload and protects you from strain. Even if you pipette for extended periods during your work-day, this will substantially reduce your risk of WRULD (Work-Related Upper Limb Disorders) and RSI (Repetitive-Strain-Injury).

  • Ergonomic handle

    The unique design of the handle and finger hook design lets pipette rest lightly in your hand, saving you from having to grip the handle tightly.

  • Volume locking mechanism

    The ergonomic Sartorius Optilock feature prevents accidental volume changes while pipetting and provides flexibility for volume adjustment during both one- and two-handed use.

  • Easy tip loading

    The Sartorius Optiload feature with spring-loaded tip cones ensures tip loading with perfect sealing and minimal force.

  • Soft tip ejection

    To protect your hand, Sartorius Optiject effortlessly enables the tip to detach in a smooth and controlled way.

  • Electronic operation

    The adjustment wheel ensures ergonomic, one-handed and fast volume setting as well as easy menu navigation.

    The pipette´s new generation technology, with its electronic brake and piston control system, will ease your workload during long pipetting sessions.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Learn the main functions easily without reading a manual. With the adjustment wheel and the hot key, you can set the volume and navigate quickly and simply using up to 10 saved programs.

  • Ergonomic handle

    The unique design of the handle and finger hook design lets the pipette rest lightly in your hand, saving you from having to grip the handle tightly. Learn more about health and safety in the lab at our Pipetting Academy.

  • Overall weight

    Weighing only 100 g, Picus® is the lightest and most compact electronic pipette on the market.

  • Electronic operation

    Effortless, electronic tip ejection protects your hand from strain.


Lab Academy

Pipetting Academy

Repetitive pipetting will put your hand at risk. Because we understand this health issue, we focus on ergonomics in every product we make. At our Pipetting Academy, you will learn how to achieve the best performance, ergonomics and safety in your routine pipetting.


Your Benefits

You will learn what your pipette is capable of and when to use which pipetting technique. Plus, you will learn to calibrate your pipette correctly and work in accordance with international quality standards. Afterwards, you will be able to instruct your co-workers in ergonomic pipetting postures and solutions. Register for your Pipetting Academy now.



Your hand, your pipette and you

You and your hand know what´s best for your everyday work. That´s why for each requirement, we offer the pipette that best matches your needs. Choose your pipette for perfect ergonomics now.



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