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At Sartorius, we know that to prosper, you need to excel at the bench, be an analytical thinker, and have an extensive network of collaborators, advisors, and mentors. That’s why we offer powerful opportunities to kick-start your future in science.

We offer student internships geared towards hands-on experience and research scholarships aimed at furthering your research. Pick the offer best suited for you and your current goals – and let us be your supportive partner on your path in science.

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Success Stories

Partake Our Success Stories.

Up and Coming Scientists Meet International Cancer Experts

The Else Kröner Symposium on translational cancer research provided an excellent opportunity for junior scientists from Göttingen, Germany, to present and vividly discuss their research with international experts in modern cancer therapy. For us, it was a heartfelt pleasure to enable this fruitful exchange for upcoming scientists.

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PhD Students Organize Biennial Symposium

Life science PhD students in Heidelberg and Mannheim, Germany, demonstrated their passion for science by bringing together young scientists from all over the world during the 5th Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists 2017. We at Sartorius honor and support this remarkable commitment to science.

Congratulations to the Best Presentation Award Winner

„A Tale of Cells & Organisms” – what a magical theme for the 5th Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists 2017. From the many fabulous presentations, the one of Tobias Schmidt, PhD student at the dkfz Heidelberg, Germany, enchanted the jury the most. Our compliments to the winner of the Best Presentation Award.

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Sartorius Workshop – a Big Success

Sharing our scientific expertise by giving a workshop on "Process Development, Optimization & Scale-up for Cell Therapy Applications Utilizing Single-Use Systems” at the 5th Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists 2017 was a great opportunity for us to support young scientists. Many thanks to everyone who attended.

In Touch With Sartorius

Insightful presentations, profitable workshops and an exciting social event in the evening – this is only a brief summary of an overall amazing event arranged by the biotechnologische Studenteninitiative (btS) in Heidelberg, Germany, to facilitate students of the life sciences to meet and greet with Sartorius experts.

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Professional Network

Expand Your Professional Network now.

At Sartorius we provide many opportunities for you to enhance all stages of your studies.
Boost your career in science by gaining beneficial insights into our ongoing projects and our day-to-day life during an internship or student traineeship.

Scholarship for Masters

Are you ready to start your master’s program in India or Germany? Put your advanced studies on a firm footing by joining our Sartorius Scholarship Program tailored to your interests. Build your professional future in science on the firm foundation of financial support, actual work practice, and personal mentorship we provide to foster your career.

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Dual Curriculum

Combining the practical training of an apprenticeship with the comprehensive knowledge gained through academic studies provides an excellent stepping stone to working in the field of science. At Sartorius in Germany, we offer six different dual study programs for your bachelor’s degree.

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Internships and Student Traineeships

As a Sartorius intern, you are a part of ongoing projects and day-to-day operations.
Are you looking to gain practical experience, but don’t want to take time off from your studies? If that’s the case, you can be a long-term student trainee alongside your studies and get the best of both worlds.

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Writing a Thesis

Are you in the final stages of your studies and would like to write your final thesis on an industry-related subject? Then write your thesis at Sartorius and benefit from a strong partner at your side. Whether you’re going for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or another degree: You can link your scientific topic to our day-to-day business or a current R&D project.

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Part-Time Job

Part-Time Job – Academia Sales Student.

Are you a master’s student in Life Science or Economics? Are you motivated to gain your first professional experiences and actively shape your future career? Join Sartorius as an Academia Sales Student and gain invaluable insights by looking at a scientific lab environment from the Sales & Marketing perspective.

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