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Related topics: Viral Therapeutics Development


An Overview of Virus Quantification Techniques

Extensive summary and discussion of the different approaches commonly used to quantify virus by measurement of viral infection, viral protein antigens or expression levels of viral genes, and directly counting viral particles.

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Related topics: Viral Therapeutics Development


Virotherapy Process Optimization

Brief discussion on how the real-time enumeration of viruses facilitated by the ViroCyt® Virus Counter® 3100 can significantly enhance the pace of virotherapy product development.

Author: Michael Artinger

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Related topics: Viral Therapeutics Development


Rapid and Direct Quantification of Viral Vector Particles for Gene Therapy

ViroTag Allows Biologically Relevant In-Process Monitoring of Total Particle Count

Author: Michael Artinger, Rebecca Montange, Michael W. Olszowy

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Related topics: Vaccine Production


Rapid Quantification of Egg-Grown Influenza

Overcoming the bottleneck of virus quantification along the vaccine development and manufacturing process by applying the unique capabilities of the ViroCyt Virus Counter to facilitate real-time enumeration of viral particles.

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