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Related topics: Liquid Handling/Pipetting


Low Retention Tips FAQ

Collection of facts and recommendations on the characteristics, possibilities of application, and practical use of Low Retention Tips for professional pipetting.

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Related topics: Liquid Handling/Pipetting


Sartorius Picus electronic pipette

Meet Picus - The Red Dot awarded electronic pipette that eases your work load, protects you from injuries by ensuring optimal working posture and allows accurate and precise pipetting results!

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Related topics: Liquid Handling/Pipetting


Low Retention Tips Performance comparison of low retention pipette tips from various manufacturers

Pipetting accuracy and precision are the key factors for successful experiments in the laboratory. The best pipetting performance is achieved, when the pipette and the tip match perfectly with each other, and the tip being used is optimal for the liquid being transferred.

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Related topics: Liquid Handling/Pipetting


Work More, Hurt Less

Discussion of advantages of electronic pipettes in ergonomics and efficiency, presentation of Picus Electronic Pipettes and introduction to Pipetting Academy training program.

Author: Matthias Beuse

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