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Related topics: Oncology, Oncology General


Genomic Perturbations Reveal Distinct Regulatory Networks in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma - Lecture Research Xchange Forum 2017

The findings from this trial highlight the multiplicity of mutation-based pathologies and pinpoint novel precision-based therapeutic strategies to pursue for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, and potentially, in future basket trials of diverse tumors using a similar stratification approach.

Author: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesper Bøje Andersen

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Related topics: Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, Antibody Discovery, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Antibody Discovery, Cell Analytics


SLAS 2016 Phenomenal Spectral Bandwith .. Minimal Assay Volumes! Introducing iQue Screener PLUS

This tutorial highlights the ability of the iQue Screener PLUS to expand the envelope of true immunology screening by combining immunophenotyping, cell health, cell function, and cytokine profiling into single high content assays for immuno-oncology, immune targets, and antibody screening applications.

Author: Joseph Zock

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Related topics: Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cell Analytics


Multiplexed Detection of Mouse Cytokines Using QBeads and the iQue Screener

Rodent cytokine quantification using QBeads on iQue Screener offer three important benefits for screening: multiplexed no-wash protocols, compatibility with a high degree of assay miniaturization, and rapid plate sampling speeds.

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Related topics: Oncology, Oncology General


PRL-3 phosphatase: Roles and targeting in cancer - Lecture Research Xchange Forum 2017

"Tumor-promoting PRL-3 is suggested as a therapeutic target in cancer cells. Thus, finding inhibitors would be highly desirable. Presented here are findings from studying PRL-3 in epithelial 3D cell culture models and the challenging endeavors of inhibitor development for PRL-3."

Author: Prof. Dr. Maja Köhn

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Related topics: Oncology, Oncology General


The p53-Mdm2 system modifies chromatin and DNA replication - Lecture Research Xchange Forum 2017

New discoveries in p53 research elucidate that the p53-Mdm2 system provides means to maintain DNA integrity and chromatin stability. These novel activities provide potential targets and opportunities for selectively interfering with tumor cell proliferation.

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Dobbelstein

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