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Related topics: Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cell Analytics


How and When Markers Can Make a Better Assay

Find out why and how IntelliCyts’ in-well and between well marker solutions facilitate accurate screening of no or low object count samples and ensure detection and analysis of all data is included in “long sip” assays.

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Related topics: Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cell Analytics


Koch Institute Webinar: Predicting Mechanisms of Action of Cytotoxic Compunds using shRNA Technology on the iQue Screener

Integrating the iQue Screener platform into studying the molecular mechanism of action of cytotoxic drugs allows high throughput screening of large compound libraries and systematic profiling of responses to drug combinations.

Author: Peter Bruno

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Related topics: Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cell Analytics


A High Throughput Screening Assay for Quantifying Micronucleus Induction

This high capacity flow-based micronucleus assay performed on IntelliCyt’s HTFC Screening System takes genotoxic compound screening and assay analysis to an unprecedented level of efficiency, speed and reliability.

Author: Steven Bryce, Jeffrey Bemis, Zhaoping Liu, Kim Luu

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