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Related topics: Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cell Analytics


High Content in Suspension: No-Wash Multiplexed Cytokine Profiling of Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)

Learn how to elevate the detection of secreted proteins to an unprecedented level of cost and time efficiency by performing your screening assays with MultiCyt QBeads.

Author: Michael D Sjaastad, Robbie Narang, Kim Luu

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Related topics: Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cell Analytics


Secretome Screening with MultiCyt Qbeads

Revolutionize your screening approach with the MultiCyt QBeads product family prodising a very easy and very fast way to measure multiple secreted proteins simultaneously.

Author: Scott Perschke

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Related topics: Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cell Analytics


Development of a No-Wash 4-Plex Apoptosis Screening Kit and Validation for Phenotypic Screening

Quick and convenient determination of apoptotic processes by simultaneous detection of four well-established apoptosis markers in a single validated and easy-to-use multiplex assay.

Author: Robbie Narang, Zhaoping Liu, Kim Luu

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Related topics: Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cell Analytics


Multiplexing Secreted Protein Screening, Proliferation And Immunophenotyping of PBMCs on the iQue Screener

The iQue platform facilitates rapid high content multiparametric screening assays for measurement of T-cell activation by multiplexed cell and bead based readouts using cell suspensions.

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