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Discover the best support in making your workflows more productive and your lab work even more successful. With our Lab Academies we strive to offer a beneficial selection of training courses in pipetting, filtration, lab weighing and lab water purification to you and your colleagues. For most effective learning, our training sessions are custom-tailored to target your specific needs and to enable you to excel in your daily tasks. Contact us today and our experts will help you to select the most profitable Lab Academy to advance your expertise.


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Filtration Academy

Being aware of the distinctive features of filter media as well as the appropriate use of filtration devices provides the ideal prerequisite for fast and save sample preparation. Attend our Filtration Academy to learn which filter to choose and which tool to use to optimize your filtration efficacy.

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Pipetting Academy

Handling your pipette the expert way is key for gaining correct results through efficient and health-friendly workflows. Join our Pipetting Academy and get to know the best pipetting techniques along with precious hands-on tips and tricks for best performance in professional pipetting.

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Water Academy

Knowing how to work effectively with your lab water purification system will advance your scientific analyses. Enter our Water Academy and gain valuable insights into the perfect lab water quality to optimize your specific applications and how to ensure consistent quality of your ideal lab water.

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Weighing Academy

Minimizing the influences that cause weighing errors and thereby maximizing the precision of your weighing results builds the foundation for accurate measurements and compliance with regulations. Sign up for our Weighing Academy to ensure you are up-to-date in operating your lab balance proficiently.

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EMBL Workshop

To support professionals and young scientists and help them build connections to industry, we have partnered with EMBL, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. Together with this leading European research institution, we offer training courses, conferences, and workshops at EMBL International Center for Advanced Training, EICAT.

Next workshop from 23-25. October 2018 Assay Development for Drug Discovery and Characterisation

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