don’t need superpowers but a smart tool to enable aseptic sampling during sterility testing.

Aseptic Sample Transfer out of a Closed, Sterile System: due to the Sterisart® Septum Technology.

Designed for sampling. Acting as a sterile barrier the Sterisart® Septum allows for a safe, aseptic sample transfer out of a closed, sterile system. This enables you to take samples whenever needed or to transfer samples into a rapid detection system after only a few days of incubation. A secure and flexible method no one else can offer you. Because real heroes deserve only the best.

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Sterility Testing with Sterisart®

Sterisart® Septum for aseptic sampling and injection – your sample remains safely protected from contamination, while the simple piercing mechanism minimizes your risk of puncture injuries.

Two different color-coded tube clamps for clear identification.

The gamma-sterilized and gas-impermeable primary packaging eliminates the need for rinsing and the cost of rinsing liquids.

The air filter, with a safety clearance of 1cm, effectively protects the filter from coming in contact with culture media – even if foaming or vibration occurs.

Just one primary gas-tight package for all components. Instead of being sealed in a separate, difficult-to-open package, the easy-to-handle yellow plugs for closing the canister are in extra pockets directly inside the primary packaging.

The extra large, grip-optimized pre-installed vent filter caps are directly attached to the vent filter. Connected by a band, the caps cannot fall off or touch any surfaces of the isolator ensuring they remain safe from contamination.

Sterisart® CA* units, with cellulose acetate membranes, delivered the fastest flow rates in customer tests. As pioneers of membrane filtration, we have successfully developed a specific membrane structure that is less hydrophilic than conventional cellulose acetate membranes.

*Currently not available with Sterisart® Septum technology

Clearly visible graduated volume marks.

Optimized canister design with anti-foaming inlet.

Needle designed with protective shield.

Product traceability thanks to article ID codes.

In a head-to-head comparison test at the highest speed, our Sterisart® Universal pump was far below international regulations of no more than 3,520 particles per m3 in ISO class 5 cleanrooms for sterility testing. In fact, its results were 60 times lower than competitor A.

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Sterisart® sterility testing redefines standards and minimize all remaining risks in routine testing

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