Automation Redefined.

Automation Redefined.

Visionary Platform Technologies Lead to High Flexibility and Prevent Human Errors.

Benefit from our state-of-the-art automation technologies and configurable standardized solutions to experience the next step in robust production for your biologics.

Our new automation platform in combination with our next generation FlexAct® system offers configurable industrial software, hardware and consumable solutions for 6 unit operations in a single system.

The platform is scalable up to 2,000 L bioreactor volumes and can switch unit operations with the press of a button. 

FlexAct® combines compatibility, integrity and assurance of quality supply into fully qualified and automated single-use solutions. This allows your process to be implemented more quickly while making it more robust, productive, and efficient.  

Visionary Platform Technologies.

Multi Operational Unit with Configurable Hardware, Wetware and Software.

The second generation FlexAct® unit we developed is a configurable standardized bioprocessing platform, able to switch between and perform six different unit operations in one device. The platform can manage the media and buffer supply and drug substance downstream processing needs for up to 2,000 liter production bioreactor processes. The Central-Operation-Module (COM) with its movable footprint of 1.25 sq m is a flexible ready to use solution for ballroom style production areas.

Fully Configurable Standardized Applications.

The design of our standardized FlexAct® solutions meets the ISO industrial requirements.
With our easy to adapt application we avoid any coding for control strategies.

The latest single-use sensor and actuators technologies are incoporated in our systems for precise process control. The FlexAct® compiles and logs data according to CFR part 11 and can easily transfer data to a GMP proven electronic batch record.

Plug-And-Play to Any Distributed Control System.

The new automation platform is a combination of industrial automation hardware and bioprocess developed ANSI-88 recipe based software tailored for single-use commercial operations. It has been developed to interface with every industrial available distributed control system, such as DeltaV, Siemens and Rockwell.

The modular software architecture allows for feature updates and functionality expansions with an administrator click.

Redefined Automation Solutions


Single-use automation solutions

  • Flexible processing skids with multiple functionality for diverse unit operations
  • Smooth integrate into high level of DCS, MES and PAT systems
  • Predefined application software based on ISA-S88 recipes

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Get an idea of the complete FlexAct®-flexibility:

MaxiCaps® MR

Large scale filtration system for single-use

  • Ready to use – pre-assembled & pre-sterilized system
  • Risk mitigation – 90 % less tubings & connectors
  • Space-saving – smallest footprint

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Sartoclear® Depth Filters Cassettes

Depth filters for demanding clarification applications

  • High dirt holding capacities
  • Contaminant adsorption characteristics
  • Single and double-layers formats

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Sartoclear Dynamics® Filters

Based on body feed filtration specially designed filters for challenging harvesting applications

  • High cell density clarification in a single step
  • Reduces footprint and cost reduction
  • Time saving: High flow rates and no pre-flushing

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    Virus Filter Solutions

    Reliable retention under all circumstances

    • Modular Virosart® Media filter and high flow virus filters
    • Pre-assembled, pre-sterilized solutions
    • Easy implementation into manufacturing 

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